For Class Scheduling and Pricing:

Call 416-492-4491
or by Email:

Available for download - [ Registration Form ]

Payments can be made in full, or in 4 post dated cheques as follows:

First Payment: : Due upon registration (includes $25+HST non-refundable registration fee)
Second Payment: Post-dated cheque for December 1st, 2017
Third Payment: Post-dated cheque for March 1st, 2018
Show Costume Deposit Payment Post-dated cheque for November 1st, 2017 ($58.00 includes HST balance will be due in the spring)

Please Note:
In the case of withdrawal from classes, the school must be notified in writing two (2) week prior to the start of the next term, in order to receive back unused post dated cheques.

First (initial) payment including registration fee is NON refundable, even if student has not yet started taking a class.

If paying by cash payments must be received 2 weeks prior to the above payment dates. Cheque or cash payments made after the above mentioned dates will be subjected to an additional 15% late payment fee.

Once a term has begun, no refund can be issued for remainder of the term classes. Thus students are encouraged to continue through to the end of the term.

(Only a certified replacement cheque or cash will be accepted)

Payment discount
Yearly (2017/2018) payments made upfront in full are entitled to a 5% discount( before taxes, less registration fee) and is non-refundable for promotional entitlement. if taking multiple classes, payment must be made for all classes upfront for promotion entitlement This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount. Offer expires July 28th, 2017. Early registration discount-register by June 24th, 2017 and don’t pay the registration fee.

Multiple class discount
Students taking a second class a week will receive a 10% discount on the lesser valued class. 3rd. class a week will be discounted at 15% discount. Additional discounts will apply if taking more than 3 classes per week. Multiple class discounts cannot be combined with siblings.

Siblings discount
Siblings each receive a $25.00 discount off the yearly tuition total. Additional discounts may apply.

1st Term - September 11th - December 9th, 2017
2nd Term – January 8th - March 10th, 2018
3rd Term - March 19th - June 2nd, 2018

The school will be closed on the following dates:

Thanksgiving Weekend – October 7th – 9th, 2017
Winter Holidays - December 11th, 2016 - January 7th, 2018
Family Day Weekend - February 17th – 19th, 2018
March Break - March 12th - 18th, 2018
Easter Weekend – March 30th - April 2nd, 2018
Victoria Day Weekend – May 19th – 21st, 2018

May 26th 2018 - show rehersal day at theatre no regular classes at studio


Detailed below are studio policies, and professional standards in the best interests of all dancers.

  • This is a nut free environment. No products containing nuts are allowed on premises.
  • No gum is allowed in the studio.
  • No climbing on the ballet bars.
  • No food or beverages permitted in the change rooms and the dance studio areas. They may be consumed in the lunch room instead.
  • No street shoes permitted in the dance studio, change rooms or student stretch/lounge area.
  • Hip hop students, please bring to class an extra pair of clean dry indoor non marking sole runners/sneakers. Shoes that are worn to arrive to studio with will not be permitted in class to dance with.
  • Please respect your studio and place waste in the garbage cans.
  • The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • No jewelry allowed during dance class.
  • Students must have proper attire for each class. No ballet skirts are allowed.
  • Hair must be pulled back neatly into a bun or ponytail, depending on the class. staff will advise.
  • The student does not have proper dress attire and proper hair setting; the teacher has a right not to let them participate in class.


  • Please ensure that you arrive to pick-up your children at least 5 minutes before the class finishes.
  • No unattended children (students, siblings, etc.) are permitted to stay in the school without their parent or guardian.
  • Please notify the school in advance if the student is expected to miss the class.
  • There will be no refunds for any classes missed.
  • Students may make up a class that they have missed on any other day during the week of the same level (or lower). Please notify the office in advance.
  • No siblings or friends are allowed in class due to safety reasons.
  • Please make an appointment to speak with a teacher if it is expected to take longer than a few minutes to avoid interruption of the class time.
  • Please make every effort to have the students arrive to class on time. We will refuse students that are regularly late from entering the class out of respect for those that respect the schedule.
  • If there is severe weather, watch for Toronto and schools that are closed. Call the studio the same day after 2 pm and listen to the recording that will mention if the school is open or not.
  • Classes that have less than 4 students are subject to cancellation, or schedule time/day changes.
  • Please be advised that students who enrol in classes after January 8th are not guaranteed to participate in the year end recital. Participation will be decided at the discretion of the academy and instructors.


  • All costumes are proudly custom made in Canada for each student.
  • At time of registration a costume deposit of $58.00(incl.HST) post dated for Nov.1/17 will be required.
  • Costumes for younger students average around $60-$75 +HST. or less.
  • Costumes for older students average around $75-$85+HST. or less.

The balance will be due upon receiving the costumes, which will be around early spring. Please note if student will not be participating in performance for June as long as the school is notified in writing or prior to Nov 1st, 2017, the $58.00 (incl.HST) costume deposit will be completely refunded.