Pricing and scheduling vary by classes, class enrolment is limited. Please note we do not post our class schedule online, for security reasons of our students and parents. Our studio prides itself in getting to know your family and your childs needs in efforts to provide the best dance experience possible. We welcome you to come to our studio for registration to ensure your child is in the appropriate class for their age and dance experience.

Legacy of Dance Academy will be closely following protocols by the Government of Ontario and Ministry of Health.

2022-2023 season registration form coming soon.


2022-2023 season payments coming soon.


Discounts & Promotions

2022-2023 season discounts & promotions coming soon.

Important Dates

2022-2023 season important dates coming soon.


With respect to classes that are cancelled by the school for any reason during the 2021/2022 dance season such as weather, pandemic, or any other unforeseen circumstance, Legacy of Dance Academy will do its best to offer alternate class days/times/ online classes that fit with the school’s schedule .In the event that the school cannot accommodate the alternate days/times, a future credit will be issued and must be used by December 1st 2022.Any outstanding credits from the 2019/2020 season due to Covid-19 closure are no longer redeemable. Legacy of Dance Academy reserves the right to combine, modify, cancel classes, change schedule and instructors at any time during the school’s 2021/2022 season.

  • This is a nut free environment. No products containing nuts are allowed on premises.

  • No gum is allowed in the studio.

  • No climbing on the ballet barres.

  • No food or beverages permitted in the change rooms and the dance studio areas. They may be consumed in the lunch room instead.

  • No street shoes permitted throughout the dance studio. Please remove shoes in vestibule. 

  • Hip hop students, please bring to class an extra pair of clean dry indoor non marking sole runners/sneakers. Shoes that are worn to arrive to studio with will not be permitted in class to dance with.

  • The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen articles, such as electronic devices and jewellery. 

  • No jewelry allowed during dance class.

  • Students must have proper attire for each class. No ballet skirts/tutus are permitted in class.

  • Hair must be pulled back neatly into a bun or ponytail, depending on the class. staff will advise.

  • If students don't have proper dress attire and proper hair setting; the teacher has a right not to let them participate in class.

  • Electronic devices are not permitted in dance rooms.

  • Please ensure that you arrive to pick-up your children at least 5 minutes before the class finishes.

  • No unattended children (students, siblings, etc.) are permitted to stay in the school without their parent or guardian.

  • Please notify the school in advance if the student is expected to miss the class.

  • There will be no refunds for any classes missed.

  • Students may make up a class that they have missed on any other day during the week of the same level (or lower). Please notify the office in advance.

  • No siblings or friends are allowed in class due to safety reasons.

  • Please make an appointment to speak with a teacher if it is expected to take longer than a few minutes to avoid interruption of the class time.

  • Please make every effort to have the students arrive to class on time. We will refuse students that are regularly late from entering the class out of respect for those that respect the schedule.

  • If there is severe weather, watch for Toronto and schools that are closed. Call the studio the same day after 2 pm and listen to the recording that will mention if the school is open or not.

  • Classes that have less than 4 students are subject to cancellation, or schedule time/day changes.

  • Please be advised that students who enrol in classes after January 8th are not guaranteed to participate in the year end recital. Participation will be decided at the discretion of the academy and instructors.

  • All costumes are proudly for each student.

  • At time of registration a costume deposit of $60.00 (incl.HST) post dated for November 1st, 2021 will be required.

  • Costumes for range average around $60-$85 +HST. or less.

The balance will be due upon receiving the costumes, which will be around early spring. Please note if student will not be participating in performance for May as long as the school is notified in writing or prior to October 25, 2021, the $60.00 (incl.HST) costume deposit will be completely refunded.