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Best-in-class Ballet Classes in Scarborough

Welcome to Legacy of Dance Academy, where we present a range of ballet classes catering to all levels – from newcomers taking their first steps to those well-versed in the art. Our locations span Scarborough, North York, and Markham, providing convenient access to our enriching dance experiences.


At our academy, we meticulously nurture beginners, guide intermediates, and refine advanced students, honing their skills from the core principles to intricate techniques. Our adept dance instructors possess qualifications and share an unbridled passion for dance and education.


Discover more about our diverse courses and secure your spot by contacting us. To delve deeper into the impact of our classes, we invite you to check our testimonials, unveiling firsthand accounts of our student's journey with us. Embark on your dance odyssey – contact us for inquiries or swift registration.

Creative Ballet: Ages 2 1/2 -4

A specially designed class that introduces our little budding dancers to the fundamentals of classical ballet. We focus on creativity in motion, imagination, motor skills and muscle development through music. 10 students maximum per class.

Junior and Senior Ballet: Ages 4-6

In these levels, students begin to apply their fundamental skills, exploring the basic foot, arm, and body placements while focusing on developing coordination, flexibility and self-expression as they learn. 10 students maximum per class.

Pre-Ballet Levels 1-5: Ages 6-11

Throughout these levels, students begin to master the skills of body placement. While working on the combination of foot, arm and head positioning, they learn to sequence their actions to form combination moves. As our Pre-Ballet dancers develop, their work begins to express the Vaganova technique learned. 10 students maximum per class.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet: Ages 11 & Up

As our students embark on their ballet journey, they delve into a structured curriculum that paves the way for their success in dance. Focusing on cultivating lower body strength, technical precision, and fluid movements, they embark on a path of continuous improvement.


Our dancers refine the spring in their jumps through dedicated practice, enhancing their grace and agility. Moreover, they stretch their boundaries, elongating their lines and honing their poise. The Vaganova technique takes center stage as they navigate through intricate variations, honing their artistry, virtuosity, and stamina.


For those displaying exceptional technicality and strength in their legs, feet, and core, the captivating realm of dancing on pointe awaits. Our experienced instructors carefully assess and guide these individuals, ushering them into this advanced dimension of ballet.


To ensure optimal growth, we recommend a minimum attendance of two weekly classes at this stage. This commitment fosters the requisite strength and technique, preparing students for the higher echelons of training under the expert guidance of our esteemed master teacher, Ani Kouyoumdjian.


With a maximum of 12 students per class, personalized attention and tailored guidance empower each dancer's evolution. Together, let's embark on this journey of grace, skill, and self-discovery.

Contact us

Legacy of Dance Academy offers a variety of dance classes for children, adolescents and adults. We offer special events such as birthday parties and summer camps as well.
Ask us any questions; we'll be pleased to respond to any queries you may have. If you're looking for a dance lesson in Scarborough, North York, or Markham, get in touch with us.

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