Ballet Classes in Scarborough

At Legacy of Dance Academy, we offer beginners, intermediate, and advanced ballet classes in Scarborough, North York and Markham. We teach the students fundamental skills and develop them into more technical movement. Contact us to learn more about our courses or register here

Creative Ballet: Ages 2 1/2 -4

A specially designed class which introduces our little little budding dancers to the fundamentals of classical ballet. We focus on creativity in motion, imagination, and motor skills and muscle development through music. 10 students maximum per class.

Junior and Senior Ballet: Ages 4-6

In these levels students begin to apply their fundamental skills, exploring the basic foot, arm, and body placements while focusing on the development of coordination, flexibility and self expression as they learn. 10 students maximum per class.

Pre-Ballet Levels 1-5: Ages 6-11

Throughout these levels students begin to master the skills of body placement. While working on the combination of foot, arm and head positioning, they learn to sequence their actions to form combination moves. As our Pre-Ballet dancers develop, the Vaganova technique learned begins to be expressed through their work. 10 students maximum per class.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet: Ages 11 & Up

Ballet In these levels, as our students develop the lower body strength they will need to be successful in dance, they study technical formations, flowing movements, improve the spring in their jumps, and elongate their lines. They begin to master the Vaganova technique as our dancers add more demanding variations to their routines, develop artistry, virtuosity, and stamina. At the discretion of the teacher, those who have the required technicality and strength in their legs, feet and core, will go on to be trained in dancing on pointe. Attendance of two or more classes per week is recommended at these levels in order to develop the required strength and technique to proceed to more advanced levels of training under the guidance of our master teacher Ani Kouyoumdjian. 12 students maximum per class.