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Starting with creative ballet classes from ages 2.5 and up


Structured dance classes with fun and modern elements 


Learn hip-hop movements in fun and energetic classes


Learn concepts of rhythm and beat through the tapping of your feet

Musical Theatre

Brining Broadway to our studio with a mixture of dancing and acting

Modern Dance

Expand on dance through themovemnt of space and time

Armenian Dance

Refined cultural dance with its traditional energetic style

Adult Classes

Leave the stress behind and get fit while having fun dancing

Kids Dance Classes in Scarborough

If your child love to dance and loves to entertain, you should enroll your child in dance lessons at our studio. At Legacy of Dance Academy, we teach a variety of styles of dances such as Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap Dance, Musical Theatre, Modern Dance, Armenian Dance, and more. Anyone at any age can sign up for dance lessons are our studio.

Our class sizes are kept to small groups for dedicated attentions from the instructors. The instructors are highly knowledge and skilled professional dancers with years of experience. Contact us to learn more about our classes and instructors.

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