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Fun & Exciting Hip-hop Dance Classes in Scarborough

Hip-hop dance is considered one of the most fun-filled and engaging activities for children of all age groups. It helps keep a child enthusiastic and mentally and physically active. Do you want to enroll your child or yourself into hip-hop classes? Legacy of Dance offers fun and exciting Hip Hop classes for children and teenagers in Scarborough and the surrounding GTA area. We provide classes for all levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Our team of professional instructors has several years of experience in dancing and choreography. Get in touch with us
today to enjoy hip-hop dance!

Know More About Our Hip Hop Dance Classes

Our classes provide a structured method for learning various hip hop dance movements in a fun-filled and energetic class environment and offers a new set of original combinations and
routines. This class not only teaches you Hip Hop movements and technique but also instills rhythm and improvement in your muscle memory.

Our professional instructors have several years of experience performing for top musicians and entertainers. There are a maximum of 10 students per class. Class strength is kept low to
ensure students get dedicated focus and attention.

Hip hop class is a great way for your child to show off their personality while being active. Register your child for hip hop classes in Scarborough today!

Benefits of Hip Hop Dance For Children

Hip Hop is an energetic and rhythmic dance form for children of all age groups.

  • Hip Hop dance allows for a spontaneous flow of expression and creativity.

  • It is a good option for children’s indoor physical activity since it requires constant muscle and body movement.

  • It also develops your child’s social skills

Benefits of Hip Hop Dance For Adults

Hip-hop dance comprises various street styles of dance. It is a great activity not only for
children but also for adults.

  • It helps tone up your muscles and keep you healthy

  • Fun dance movements reduce your stress levels.

  • It gives you the scope to socialize.

  • Hip-hop is also a mental workout as you will be required to learn several dance steps.

If you would like to learn and enjoy hip-hop dance, get in touch with us.
Let’s learn and dance!

Fun Hip Hop Dance Classes!

Legacy of Dance Academy offers professional and highly engaging hip-hop classes for all age groups in Scarborough and the surrounding GTA region.

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