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Get dance classes from beginner to advanced levels from highly experienced dance instructors at our dance studio in Scarborough

Dance Classes To Delight Your Soul!

Modern Dance Studio in Scarborough

Whether you're a parent looking to ignite your child's passion for dance or an individual seeking to embark on your own rhythmic journey, look no further than Legacy of Dance Academy. Nestled in Scarborough, we are a non-competitive dance haven where creativity flourishes.

Here, we foster an atmosphere of inclusivity and equality, where every student – regardless of their aspirations – is embraced wholeheartedly. Our focus remains on imparting the art of dance in a lively, positive, and enriching setting, led by our compassionate team of certified professional dance instructors.


Our approach encompasses a harmonious blend of group classes, personalized guidance, and captivating performances. From the tender age of 2 ½ and beyond, our curriculum caters to all – from tiny tots to enthusiastic teens and adults. Under the expert tutelage of our knowledgeable instructors, students are nurtured in the nuances of proper dance techniques, ensuring they shine in their own unique ways.


Dive into an array of dance disciplines suitable for kids, teens, and adults alike. From the elegance of ballet to the grooves of hip hop, the vivacity of jazz to the energy of tap – we offer a diverse palette of options to explore. Join us at Legacy of Dance Academy and embark on a dance journey where passion thrives, creativity soars, and self-expression knows no bounds.

Quality Training at a Competitive Price 

Our competitive rates don’t compromise the quality of training we provide our students. Our instructors constantly attend workshops and conventions to keep up with the latest trends and teachings in the dance world.

At Legacy of Dance Academy, it is important to mandate and maintain small class sizes- juniors maximum 10 at the junior level and 12 at the senior level. This ensures our students get individualized attention in every session.

Voted as One Of The Best Dance Schools in Ontario

Each year's end is punctuated with an engaging, fully choreographed, full lighting staged theatre performance starring 'YOUR’ child. It’s no wonder that Legacy of Dance Academy has been chosen “WINNER” for the last 11 years and selected “one of the best dance schools in Ontario” by CITY PARENT NEWS MAGAZINE for the last years in 2 categories, “best dance school” and “best ballet school." Above all, Legacy of Dance Academy champions inclusiveness in its highest forms to ensure its dance community is embedded in a culture of comfort and fun.

Read the testimonials from the proud parents who enrolled their children at our dance studio and what they have said about our dance training.


Our Dance Facility

Our dance facility is the first of its kind in Canada and offers our students  the latest and greatest amenities to our students. Our clean 5000 sq. ft. facility has all the amenities, including multiple well-lit dance rooms with Harlequin Sprung Flooring®, full-height mirrors, viewing windows & skylights.

We offer:

  • Large parent lounge with class viewing monitors

  • Free wifi

  • Student lounge/stretch area

  • Lunch room

  • Student homework/study room

  • Birthday party room

  • Separate change rooms for girls and boys, and a single private family change room

  • Ample parking space free-of-cost

Our Services

For almost 30 years, Legacy of Dance Academy has established itself as a premier dance studio in Scarborough and surrounding areas. We offer classes for multiple  dance styles by highly experienced teachers and instructors.

Hip Hop: We teach Hip Hop rhythmic movements in a fun-filled and energetic environment.

Ballet: We have ballet classes for ages ranging from two and a half years to adults.

Jazz: In these classes, students learn stretching, turns, jumps and combination moves.

Tap: We help you enjoyably learn tap dance.

Modern Dance: This dance form will train you in imagery and emotion use.

Musical Theatre: These classes will provide acting and song exercises along with dance technique training.

Armenian Dance: This is a refined cultural dance with its traditional energetic style.

Dance Classes For Children

Children love to dance and have fun. If you think regular dance classes will perfectly develop your child’s ability, look no further than us. We teach a variety of dance styles at our dance studio in Scarborough. We keep small class sizes, and our instructors are well-experienced in any age group with care and compassion.

We offer:

  • Jazz

  • Ballet

  • Hip-Hop

  • Tap

  • Musical Theatre

  • Modern Dance

  • Armenian Dance

Contact us to learn more about our classes and instructors.

Teens And Adult Dance Classes

Dance is a unique and dynamic way to keep your mind, body and soul illuminated. If you also wish to learn dance or pick it up simply for leisure, visit our dance studio in Scarborough.

We will help you learn multiple dance forms such as Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap Dance, Musical Theatre, Modern Dance, Armenian Dance, and more.

Register today and enrol yourself in one of the dance forms at Legacy of Dance Academy.

Elevate Your Spirit with Teen and Adult Dance Classes!

Unveil the captivating world of dance – a radiant fusion of mind, body, and soul. Whether you're drawn to the artistry or seeking an invigorating leisure pursuit, our dance studio in Scarborough invites you to step into the rhythm.


Discover the sheer joy of movement as you delve into various dance forms. Our seasoned instructors will guide you through the graceful elegance of Jazz, the classical charm of Ballet, the infectious beats of Hip-Hop, the rhythmic allure of Tap Dance, the enchantment of Musical Theatre, the contemporary flair of Modern Dance, and even the cultural richness of Armenian Dance – all under one roof.


Fuel your passion and embark on a dance odyssey with us. Unleash your potential, express yourself, and ignite your inner spark. Don't hesitate – register today and immerse yourself in the world of dance at Legacy of Dance Academy.

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Multiple Dance Lessons Under One Roof

We offer Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Modern Dance among other contemporary dance forms at our dance studio in Scarborough


Amusing Dance Camp In Scarborough

We organize fun-filled dance camps for your children between 5-15 years of age during their summer break


Want to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Special

We will organize dance parties and dance class sessions of your choice on your child’s birthday

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