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Excellent Jazz Dance Classes in Scarborough

Do you want your child to learn a rhythmic, graceful and elegant dance form? Are you planning to enroll in a dance class to remain fit or learn dancing? If yes, Jazz dance classes may be the most suitable option. Jazz dance is synchronized to rhythm, which expresses the concept of freedom. Legacy of Dance Academy in Scarborough offers fun Jazz dance classes for people of all ages, from beginner to advanced levels. We are a renowned dance academy. Our highly-skilled teachers have successfully trained many people in multiple dance forms during the last 30 years.


Register today at Legacy of Dance Academy in Scarborough to learn this beautiful dance form.

Our Jazz Dance Classes for Kids & Adults

We offer Jazz dance classes for people of all age groups. The classes are conducted at two levels - Junior and Senior. The junior levels are designed for the age group of 4 years and higher, while senior levels are for adults. The students are also classified into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels based on their skills and performance. Our focus is to help you learn in a comfortable, relaxed, and fun-filled environment.


Call or visit Legacy of Dance Academy in Scarborough if you or any of your family members wish to learn Jazz dance.

Why Jazz Dance?

Jazz dance is a widely pursued dance form in the world today for its soulful nature, visual appeal, and artistic dance style.


  • Jazz dancers must exhibit swift turns, huge leaps and fast foot movements, thus becoming more agile.


  • This dance form lets you express freely according to the music, improving your creativity and imagination.


  • It helps develop your personality's poise, grace, coordination, and balance.



If you would like to join our classes and learn Jazz dance at our academy in Scarborough, call or visit us today.

Want to Learn Jazz Dance?

Legacy of Dance Academy offers professional and fun Jazz classes for children and adults in Scarborough and the surrounding GTA region.

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