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Tap Dance in Scarborugh

Tap Classes: Ages 5 & Up

Tap class is an enjoyable and challenging dance style that has greatly evolved over the years. Students will learn basic to complex rhythms and dynamics, incorporate whole body movement, and invest in various dance and music styles. The diversity within tap dance styles encourages all students to be involved and engaged in making their own music and enjoy their growth through this fun-filled dance form; tap dance. 10 students maximum per class.


Legacy of Dance Academy in Scarborough offers top-notch tap dance lessons for children aged 5 and up, providing a fun and enriching experience that will leave a lasting legacy of talent and passion for dance. Check our customer reviews and register to begin.

Why Choose Tap Dance?

Tap dance is a captivating dance form that combines intricate footwork with musicality, creating unique rhythms and beats. It allows children to express themselves creatively while also enhancing their coordination, balance, and musical understanding. Tap dance classes at Legacy of Dance Academy are designed to instill a love for the art form while promoting physical fitness, self-confidence, and a sense of discipline.

Highly Skilled Instructors

At Legacy of Dance Academy, we believe in providing unrivalled learning experiences for our students. Highly skilled and experienced instructors lead our tap dance classes with a passion for teaching and a deep knowledge of tap dancing. They create a positive, supportive environment where students can thrive and develop their skills independently. 

Age-Appropriate Classes

Our tap dance classes are specifically tailored to suit different age groups. We offer age-appropriate lessons for children aged 5 and up that introduce the basics of tap dance playfully and engagingly. Young students will learn fundamental tap techniques, basic steps, and fun choreography while building confidence in their movements.

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