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Learn Modern Dance in Scarborugh

Modern Dance: Ages 8 & Up

Modern dance allows students to expand their movement vocabulary by exploring time, space and rhythm. Students will be introduced to various traditional Modern dance techniques, such as Graham and Limon as well as non-traditional contemporary movement styles. Dancers will be encouraged to use improvisation, imagery and emotion to find their voice through dance. 10-12 students max per class.

Legacy of Dance Academy in Scarborough offers an exciting and innovative program that empowers students to explore and expand their movement vocabulary in a supportive and creative environment. The classes are designed to nurture individual expression and cultivate a deep understanding of modern dance techniques, enabling students to discover their unique voices through movement. Let us get started.

Our Modern Dance Classes

One of the key highlights of the modern dance Scarborough program is its emphasis on exploring time, space, and rhythm. Students are encouraged to break free from traditional boundaries and explore their movements' full range of possibilities. Dancers can add depth, complexity, and artistic flair to their performances by delving into these elements.


Throughout the classes, students are exposed to various traditional Modern dance techniques, including those of pioneers like Martha Graham and Jose Limon. These foundational techniques lay the groundwork for strong and expressive movement, providing students with a rich understanding of the history and evolution of modern dance.


In addition to traditional techniques, the program also introduces students to non-traditional contemporary movement styles. This exposure allows students to stay attuned to the ever-evolving landscape of modern dance, keeping their expressions fresh and relevant.

Modern Dance Scarborough places a strong emphasis on fostering creativity and individuality.


Through improvisation, students can explore and experiment, discovering new ways to move and connect with their bodies. Utilizing imagery and emotion, dancers are encouraged to imbue their movements with personal stories and meaning, allowing their performances to resonate deeply with audiences.


Class sizes are limited to 10-12 students to ensure personalized attention and a conducive learning space. This small class size enables the dance instructors to provide individual feedback, address specific needs, and effectively nurture each student's growth.

The experienced and passionate instructors at Legacy of Dance Academy are committed to cultivating their students' love for modern dance. They provide a safe and supportive space where students can take risks, express themselves authentically, and build their confidence as performers.


Overall, Modern Dance Scarborough by Legacy of Dance Academy opens the door to a world of artistic expression and self-discovery. Through the fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary styles, students are equipped with a well-rounded dance education that allows them to thrive both on and off the stage. As they refine their skills and find their unique voice, they develop as dancers and individuals with a profound appreciation for the art of modern dance. Our happy dancers share positive reviews about our modern dance classes.

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